Di 24.07., 20:00

Downhill Dead

Andreas „Jackk“ Hess – Gitarre und Gesang
Patrik Grossen – Bass
Chrigi – Gitarre
Cristian Rodriguez – Drums

All burnouts, dropouts, degenerates and lost souls lend your ears. Never again will any outcast find themselves alone.

Founded by Zurich based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andreas “Jackk” Hess, Downhill Dead embodies the carefree alternative rock style of a bygone musical era. Hints of street punk and heavy metal find their way into the mix as well, giving an unexpected balance between catchy melody and gritty character.

A Downhill Dead show promises to be a veritable theater of freaks, but with a deranged sort of warmth that can be felt throughout. Hess learned firsthand as a teenager that society’s rejects will be more honest with you than anybody else, so he intends for his music to create spaces where such types will freely convene. If you’d rather go down in flames than conform with the rest of the masses, then you owe it to yourself to check out this band’s defiant sound.


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